Lake District

59 percent of travelers do this just in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. And also in the most populous Federal State North Rhine-Westphalia there are just 66 percent, indicating in advance to plan their route to the resort. But the route planning is not the only one taking more than elsewhere in Saxony-Anhalt. While on average 75 percent of German citizens take regular breaks during a long car ride, 87 percent of the Sachsen-Anhalter make a rest stop every now and again. “And secure in terms of luggage” the Sachsen-Anhalter have the nose front: 86 percent prior to travel carefully consider whether holiday luggage is safely stowed in the trunk of the car, second, there are the Berlin with 68 percent and in third place with 67 percent the Hamburger, which ensure a properly loaded cars. Tail light is Mecklenburg-Vorpommern again, only 49 percent of them when the loading of the luggage trunk on the security. Also rely in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania on his inner sense of place, only 43 percent of the population around the Lake District claim to have road maps in if they are with the car on the Make a trip on the holiday. The largest cards fans are the Thuringians and Berlin, around 75 percent of them have road maps, Saxony-Anhalt follows gas stations and rest stops in the luggage, third place with 69 percent by the way again.

Less than half of the Germans checks whether the car will work properly before the ride in the vacation is taken. With over 50 percent, at least half of the male citizens checks whether the car before the trip is also properly. However, only 36 percent of women check, whether your car of a long distance has grown. For that there are women who think of the foreign insurance, 44 percent have it in the glove compartment ready, while only 39 percent of the men remember to carry him in the car. More than half of the respondents, no attention the traffic rules applicable abroad.

Young drivers deal as opposed to the older but more intense with the applicable traffic rules abroad. Indicate 50 percent of 18 to 29 years old find out about speed limits in the holiday country or rural road signs to inform. Of the over 50, only 45 per cent, the traffic rules abroad explore slightly less. For this, there are the elders, consisting of leading an accident set out accident record in national language, marking pen, and disposable camera with with 44 to 24 percent. Overall, you can see, that the German driver probably closely consider the trip during the holiday. Only 3 percent of the study participants from all over Germany to determine to worry at all, but go easy on it. And here again can be highlighted, that at least 14 percent of respondents from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern agree this statement (compared to 0 percent in Saxony-Anhalt). About direct line direct line insurance AG based in Teltow near Berlin is one of the largest car direct insurance companies in Germany with premium income of around 140 million euros in 2009. The company operates the red phone on the German market with her trademark since 2002 and serves more than 400,000 insured vehicles with over 340 employees. In addition to car and motorcycle insurance, the company offers also private liability and private insurance. The company is part of RBS Insurance Group, which is among Europe’s largest direct insurer with approximately 17,000 employees and policies throughout Europe over 25 million.

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