Katie Holmes: Tom Cruise Is My Life!

The actress and mother Katie Holmes has now admitted, she had lost almost the ground under her feet after she had made Tom Cruise together. That only in the most positive sense. She says that it’s great to see grow their marriage from day to day. She feels that her life with Tom Cruise has become richer. “The beginning of our relationship was very fast, but I wasn’t sure at first what I wanted,” the actress said in ‘Style magazine’ in the January issue.” I found it overwhelming our relationship to see mature. It was and is just great “.” This love is flourishing two years ago. Through the birth of their daughter Suri and the lavish wedding in Italy 2006 this love has only become greater, so Katie Holmes in an interview. “I’m trying to show my husband how much I love him every day,” said Holmes ‘it gets better and better., He is my life “.” Katie Holmes conceded that she is ready for another child, but she says it would have just a little time.

It would have their hands full to do with Suri, she said. “Suri is just wonderful. She has a great mimic and is a wonderful dancer “, Holmes gushes from her daughter. It has time with the child probably still awhile, because Katie Holmes is correctly thick in the business after its return. It comes with the movie “Mad money” in the cinemas next year. But as befits a wife and mother, she now see life through a further appearance, as Holmes. “I want to go to sleep now, knowing that my family is happy and satisfied. I work hard for it, but I will get back thousands of times it by my husband and my daughter, so Katie Holmes finally.” We wait for how long she will continue from this double and how professionally to will go for them. Lisa Walters

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