Julia Richards

The author above sample that the impediment inhabits in the fact of that everything this, considered artificial and that had an abnormality character is vulgarized today. Piercings gifts are adornments very currently, as well as the search for the tattooing. The fashion gained inspiration in the usual psychosis. Some individuals with this psychotic picture make tattooings for the body as a form of arraigar it exactly itself. This painting that complements the citizen functions as Name-do-Father, that is, a tattooing to occupy the place of Name-do-Father in its envolvement with the proper body. Miller (2010) sample that the signal most frequent of the subjective externalidade occurs ' ' in the experience of the emptiness, vacuidade, the vacant in psychotic ordinrio' '.

(P. 17 and 18). This can be discovered in some cases that involve the neurosis, however, in the usual psychosis, &#039 is looked; ' an index of the emptiness and the vacant of nature not dialtica' ' (P. 18). In the case in question, a peculiar fixidez of this picture is present.

A dejection is necessary also to endeavour the fixidez of the compenetrao with the object meaning. The identification becomes not symbolic, however real, since the metafrico exceeds. The individual can become itself into a rubbish, neglecting of itself in way exactly extremistas, in certain occasions. It consists of a real identification; not obstante, the individual exactly searchs the accomplishment of the dejection in relation itself. Julia Richards, in one of its cases, comments the particularitities of a person with usual psychosis. The case shows an individual that if it shows with the demand to search the inexistent reestablishment of the ten percent in its being so that it has the possibility of being another time are. In this way of if presenting, we can see of entrance that has the sensation of not being healthy. It says this of beginning, therefore demand with a kernberguiana precision Kernberg knows that the affection represent cinquenta percent! Then, this citizen knows that it needs ten percent more! I assume that it is American! It in the ones of the one precision with numbers.

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