Insurance Coverage

The foolish time – without additional insurance can be expensive events for clubs Carnival, Mardi Gras or Carnival no matter where is celebrated in Germany, left out, it definitely is. Many clubs plan Carnival balls and parades in the fifth season. Here, the German honorary Association advises however for verification of insurance coverage, because an existing Club liability insurance is not always sufficient. Here, it doesn’t matter if the Club makes available only the rooms or acts as organizer. The legal liability of the Club will not apply if an event is not the purpose of the Association. So, the event of a Carnival ball is no statutory activity for a sports club. There is also Club foreign people to these events can access, a proper protection by additional insurance is even more important.

Injured a guest, this can be otherwise expensive, because in addition to the payment of damages to hospital, treatment and medical costs as well as Losses of loss of earnings coming at the Sports Club. Klaus Holly, insurance expert German VOLUNTEERING e.V. points out, that a club that just leased its premises, also subject to a traffic backup and must ensure that guests in the or at the clubhouse not come to harm. As a member of the German voluntary work Association is automatically all-round protection. Because in the scope of the Association – letter not only a short-term event liability insurance for all non-statutory events is part of the year, but many more advantages. So, each Member will receive at any time right safe advice, personal insurance, answers to all tax questions and free access to forms of association management. Benefit from clubs not only in the foolish time. Rosemarie Nohbauer

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