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Dipl.-kfm. Matthias Kokot GF of Kokot-who make his retirement or an already existing provision would optimize financial planning from North Rhine-Westphalia, should first put the product cost. Especially commissions, about which the most financial advisors are paid, makes it unprofitable to many savings. The honorary consultant Dipl. kfm. Matthias Kokot explains what everyone should pay attention to do not fall into the trap of the cost to.

Most people are of the opinion that financial advice is free because they get no bill for the service provided by their bank Advisor, insurance agent or broker. But unfortunately, this is a misconception. Actually financial advisors and brokers from banks, insurance companies and fund companies are usually very good pay for their services. These commissions for the products that have been sold. These are calculated as costs in the products and are thus by your contribution payments to the Bank, insurance or investment company indirectly raised. From the point of view of consumers, primarily looking for an objective and independent financial advice can an exclusively success-oriented compensation form therefore not lead to the desired result.

This is reflected in particular in the fact that a Commission consultant “only then will be paid, if he sells a product. The consultant becomes the product seller. He represents not only the interests of his client’s, but rather tries its own interests, the Commission most products to sell, in the foreground. So advise”most consumers in determining their retirement plans give ignorant money to your bank, your insurance broker or their financial advisors in the form of closing costs and commissions. Commissions – the invisible money wasters of the impact of this first non-visible costs savers and investors very clear run, when he receives a notification of the current surrender value of his contract after one or two years and finds that this compared to the already Deposits is much smaller and on average only after a period of 12 years reached the sum of paid-up contributions. Especially at the services of end of the withheld fees can be clearly felt. The initially high degree and Commission costs the capital grows much slower. The savers miss out on this way quickly 20.000,-and more process performance. Example: savings potential of Commission-free rates on the example of a unit-linked annuity. (was under development the system 6% p.a..) -35 years man saves 32 years monthly 150 for his retirement. The principal payment after 32 years at the Commission rate of a leader is: 147.711,-euro. The Commission-free rates generated a capital payment, however, after 32 years of: 168.900,-euro. The customer is rewarded with over 21.000,-euro longer payout. Honorary consulting is also commissions work without Honorary Advisor, however, for a previously agreed, transparent calculated fee. As a customer you enjoy one in this way independent and neutral advice. The recommendations are fully transparent and compared to traditional Commission-based financial advice the customer reduces more than 70 percent of the usual cost. In addition, the money for an honorary consultant is always well spent, since so realized more revenues, the financial overhead in most cases already in the first year of cover. For more information on the subject of honorary consulting and services, visit my homepage at. Like I show you the ways how your retirement or Make their fortune design with Commission-free products and how your existing savings plans and systems in terms of cost can redevelop.

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