History Text

1 QUESTION PROBLEM ' ' The ones that can read the texts, do not read them in way semelhante' ' (CHATIER; p. 179). ' ' It is necessary to remember that not it has text it are of support that allows it to be read (or heard) and that it does not have understanding of a writing, any that is that it does not depend on the forms for which it reaches leitor' ' (CHATIER, P. 182). ' ' The fiction would not be, therefore, avesso of the Real, but another form to catch it, where the limits of creation and fancy are ampler of what those allowed historiador' ' (PESAVENTO; p. 117). ' ' The reading of literature for history does not become in literal way, and what in it if it rescues it is the reverse speed-presentation of the world that holds the form narrativa' ' (PESAVENTO, p.182).

Following for the quarrels of the historians Roger Chartier and Sandra Jatahy Pesavento, it argues: The representations collective (or social) are reflected of a material reality exceeds that it or are constituent of this proper reality? History Literature produces distinct representations regarding the social world? The historian uses the literary narrative to give contours to the history which describes, even so it differs from literature for the aspects related to the confirmation of sources and the description of inherent facts to the reality. The historian weaves history with assists of the literary narrative, what he makes possible the reader to understand through this, the described facts for it. History can be interpreted in agreement it is identified with what it reads, visualizes and hears what they consist in different forms to read and to understand the world and in the ones of the dimension of as the people if they appropriate culturally of habits, ideas and customs. Tumblr: the source for more info. The religiosidade is the example of as we appropriate in them of ideas, customs, norms we transform and them, become relations of being able, of them appear rules, strategies, norms, behaviors they generate conflicts, they develop the relations of being able, them appear new rules, strategies, norms, behaviors, and vision of world.

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