High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a dangerous disease that is easily overlooked. Do you know the secret killer high blood pressure? May not, because you feel good and dynamic and have thought about it at the moment not. But you look around once in your vicinity. Stroke, heart attack and other life-threatening diseases lurk. You may find that David Karp can contribute to your knowledge. Quite a few people are torn from their lives unexpectedly.

They are often victim of high blood pressure, which was not recognized. In Germany are around 20 to 30 percent of all adult hypertension, high blood pressure is called scientific affected. To read more click here: Drew Houston. Over 60 people are affected even with more than 40 percent. The dangerous consequences of high blood pressure are in addition to the already intimated strokes and heart disease, also circulatory disorders, kidney damage, and even blindness and dementia. The Germans, by the way considered the people with the internationally highest-risk for high blood pressure. Unfortunately, it is not particularly easy to discover hypertension symptoms.

Many millions of people have elevated blood pressure. You feel good and know nothing of the hidden lurking danger. Real time-bombs that detached from the age of people of who can go up whenever ticking put it starkly, in these people. The unexpected stroke, heart attack often precedes a for many years not bemerkter high blood pressure them. If you observe the following symptoms of high blood pressure itself, you should immediately consult a doctor: headache dizziness palpitations or IHB nervousness insomnia is probably not easy to decipher these symptoms, because they can also be caused by other diseases. Keep in mind that high blood pressure can occur, in all people, regardless of age. It is attached every year perform a health check with your doctor. So you can get out early, whether you suffer from high blood pressure. In addition, other diseases can be detected and treated in a timely manner. The cost be paid by health insurance a basic investigation. If you have elevated blood pressure, there are several variants of the treatment. Countless doctors prescribe pills to lower blood pressure. Most hypertension patients will swallow these pills for her entire life. Unfortunately, the pills have different effects. High blood pressure is not eliminated by the tablets, but kept under control. A high blood pressure can be treated but also without pills. That is successful for people preferably, whose blood pressure is still not excessive. Necessary it is that you change your life in this regard. On the Internet page, some variants of the treatment are mentioned.

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