General PRK

A closer look at two laser eye procedure who decides today to the eye lasers, or treat the existing refractive error using a laser therapy has two different ways to do this. Firstly there is the approach to treat with LASIK, and on the other hand a remedy can be done by PRK. Which of the two variants is used, mainly depends on the type of refractive of error. Can used both methods to the treatment, are questions of detail, which ultimately decide and are above all the question according to the cost or duration of regeneration. Also the feeling of the patient during the entire treatment and subsequent healing process are important decision criteria. In General, a laser surgery on the eye can no matter whether LASIK or PRK, then for the patient better be made clear, if this gets an insight into the structure of the cornea.

This is basically onion similar to and consists of several layers, of which the two outer have the ability to grow or to regenerate. In contrast, the three inner layers unable to surgery or injuries with new growth are to regenerate. Now if a laser eye treatment, so is this knowledge advantage, in which a high-precision working laser reshapes the inner layers of the cornea and thus the incidence of light on the cornea is changed accordingly. The two most common methods of the possibility of correction for refractive error, namely LASIK and PRK, consisting in the basic approach. At the Lasikanwendung, the two outer layers of the cornea with a cut be opened and folded to the side. Then the corrective action be folded set and then the open layers back again. Thus, the regeneration process in mind essentially is that this cut is healed, what has a very short impact in the patient. Also the pain level remains in the minimum field.

The only requirement for the application of the Lasiktherapie that this from a Physician must be carried out to ensure the success. The PRK, which requires no surgery has a completely different therapy approach. The entire operation is performed only by the laser beam, meaning but for the patient, that he must take greater pain as well as a lengthy regeneration process in buying. After performing the laser correction the two outer layers of the cornea must regenerate completely, which takes our experience just longer time than if only a cut to heal? For the patient with a much higher chance of success can take the pain and prolonged impairment after surgery in purchase, because a PRK is considered reliable and less risky than the LASIK treatment. This is justified as a result keep possible negligence of the doctor and to the other a special contact lens that is used after the therapy, eye treated the additional protection against mechanical damage and dust and dirt. Laser treatments, whether LASIK or PRK, have very technically developed in recent years and achieved a high level of medical. Thus increased but also the cost factor for the patient, which should take into account this fact in each case. Because tempting offers are conducted in most cases with old laser equipment and no longer conform to the latest standards.

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