Find Nanny For Infants

If you decide to find a nanny for a small child who was not yet even one year, the choice should be approached carefully thinking through all the details. It would be wrong to assume that the main task of babysitting the infant – Timely in time to change a diaper, bathe in the evening in the bath and a massage correctly. Of course, this is important, but the list of cases can not be called nanny and half full. Still need to nurse and was well liked children. In this article we will talk just about the last in the order listed, but not least, the "duty" to nurse grudnichka.

Your baby still does not understand the words, and in general know about the world very, very little. The fact that adult people seem understandable and natural for a baby is beyond comprehension. Many concepts that seem to be so familiar that we do not even pay attention to them, simply do not exist in the world baby. Breastfeeding babies do not have no idea about the existence of viruses, the possibility of forgiveness. They just do not know what it is. However, breastfeeding babies are very sensitive to the emotions and sentiments that people feel that next to him. Your child is not so silly, kids are very well feel the tone in which people talk to each other and the tone with which the appeal to him. The child feels it all: the kindness and affection, sincerity and tenderness.

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