Enterprise Spirit

Recently it read that 60% of the companies of long trajectory have happened sometimes through the contest of creditors. Evidently, many of will have done it to them in accordance with the old norm, that obviously was much more inefficient This reflection takes to us to conclude that this procedure correctly used and at the opportune moment, it is helpful to the company that it demand, making possible its continuity and avoiding to resort to the dismissal. Also for his administrators, who will save his estatus and patrimony having been able to resume, it benefits which us to all, that we took advantage its experiences. And by all means to the creditors, who will even save part or all credits, following the plan of viability and of the agreement that can be reached. Certainly to harness so beneficial effects, it will be necessary to operate changes in the Competing Law, but mainly, in our mentality. We must equip to the courts of the precise tools and necessary the human resources.

But first of all our administration must be ” more; friendly with negocios”. In April of 2009 Rodriguez Carmona named to D. Patricio president of the Commission for the Promotion of the Enterprise Spirit of Ceoe. We hope that he contributes to remove from his atony to so important social agent. It at least, seems to know it clearly: It has spent a year, the crisis has been become serious, and these words have fallen in broken coat. From the Government no measurement for the enterprise initiative has taken place. Either from the main party of the opposition, it has not been repaired in this necessity.

And it is that the speech concentrates in the maintenance or trims of the public cost and in the elevation of the tax level. And both are mistaken, inasmuch as if the cost is reduced, the economy is contracted, and if the taxes are increased to the consumption, this one is reduced. Perhaps our representatives feel more comfortable in the macroeconomic limb, that ” on foot of pista” promoting the enterprise reconstruction and the cease of the dismissals. Rafael Linares. Labour and mercantilista lawyer.

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