Enjoy Your Beer WithThe World

Ever wanted to feel, really feel your music?. Feeling like accelerating your car and burn the floor while playing PlayStation?. Watch a movie and really feel the explosions and collisions?. Or simply sit back and relax on the couch leather hassock cigar as you smoke a cigarette or take a beer. Well now you can do all these things and more with this chair, all you need is a lot of imagination and a little money. It has 12 motors strategically placed to recreate the sensations of your music, movies or games. Gain insight and clarity with Tumblr.

It has adjustable 3D speakers that you really feel immersed in whatever you this amusing moment. It has a port for your Ipod, let’s be honest if you have this chair is because you have an iPod! Compatible with: 360TM and Xbox Live xBox PlayStation 2 & PS And OnlineTM 3TM, PSPTM Nintendo Wii , Game CubeTM, DSTM PC, Mac, Home Home Theater, iPodTM Now go down to reality, who really needs one of those? a For me the concept of the best chair in the world is not necessarily do everything I want but do not leave me comfortably. That my wife is watching me and tell me! Here I am Hey!! To the best seat in the world is allowing me to watch a movie with the people I want and I can not fall asleep easily. So in my view the best chair in the world is the old green monster I have in my house that cost me $ 150 in liquidation and it already has the shape of my tails on my post. It is not necessary to spend a fortune to have the best.

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