r were only 6.30 am, cold forgave nothing and Cesar Vallejo-sad, very sad – dress, as said Ciro Alegria, Pedrito with his now bony hands was hanged from the cold and old irons in an old Bus, was on September 15, 2007, and reached the Hospital at about 8 am, all waved, everyone wanted toThere was the star, outside it was anonymous, he began devouring stories, procedures, inter queries and operations; and almost inadvertently account fell overnight, with mortise melancholy luceros, cold and humidity. were already almost 7 of the night, when the Earth tired of spitting, piss, bombings, rallies, parades of tanks apaches tired of so many blows, witness of so many injustices, of so much hunger in the midst of tired of so many abortions in the middle of the cynicism plenty tired of hypocrisy and falsehood began to TREMBLE, the inicio.parecian cargo trucks, a clueless train carriages, the runway of a phantom airport, at the beginning It seemed to lie or a joke of nature but not the Earth still trembling! and the first cries began to listen to TEMBLORRRRR! earthquake!. Pedrito-while much – attended his last patients at the charity Hospital in Puente Piedra, aware of the earthquake, with firm voice ordered to leave the premises, at the precise moment that rolled down the floors, fluorescent, fire extinguishers, pictures, titles, ornaments, display cabinets, surgical instruments, chairs, exit, Pedrito and his patients ran the canchon of land surrounding the Hospital, where the occupants of 28 clinics were in placemany embraced, praying, crying, while Juan Carlos Cabrera-el Director-was away from high voltage cables that threatened come down and scorch them. While this was happening, patients came running heading to their homes, some could be retained, others with unusual force won the watchmen, earned the outputs and recklessly crossed the Address: Panamericana Norte, where the buses, trucks and cars were moving at speed and the ground was still shaking! in the village, as well as in all Lima, people are embraced, prayed, forgive, they incineraban their hypocrisy, falsehood, is hermanaban as well as Dios dreamed it several times – feet were shaking and Earth seemed a Persian carpet that could not lift flight, was like being stopped on a floor of gelatin badly curds, had lost consistency Earth – seemed to convulse at the feet of the doctorcito Mio God! – musitaba Pedrito – to what to do this time?, In the damn time I came to Lima! – low – from the hills of the Km 30 from the bridge and the panamericana Norte Dona Josefina, someone spotted that he had exited the sea of Ancon and window and began to hear voices the sea the sea tsunami! MAREMOTOOOOO!, people already did not know where to run and made it onto the hills!!they abandoned their homes and left them at the mercy of the rateros do Rateros? who thinks about stealing in these times of unspeakable panic, Pedrito ran and ran, as well as all the staff’s health, amid falling and tripping, ran but towards the bus stops and collective, he crossed the pedestrian bridges, empty alleys, abandoned homes and reached the junction with Zapallal, was 32 km.

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