Dramatical Conservatory

To strengthen the hypothesis, Rasp assumes that Blake did not arrive to have the part in hands because it does not identify publisher, typography and number of pages, as he makes in the cases where he obtained to see a unit. Really, the hypothesis is very interesting. It can be that the Magazine wanted if to relate to the part of Constantino but if mook a mistake. Possible, because the part of Constantino already was published since 1869, i.e., could have in such a way been staged in the year of the event (1873) how much in the one of the publication of the Magazine (1877). Considering that, moreover everything, the Revenge for revenge of Macedo did not arrive to be delivers to the Dramatical Conservatory for censorship, Rasp (P. 483) puts in doubt its existence. The final verdict was given by the biggest specialist in Macedo: Tania Mountain range (P.

209). The teacher is of the opinion of that, in the reality, never she had a Revenge for revenge of Macedo, but only of Constantino Sousa. 3. The two miners in the Somewhat similar cut happened with another part of Macedo given for lost: The two miners in the cut. In 1898, Sacrament Blake (v. 4, P.

188) affirms the following one: ' ' Beyond the operas of this sort, it more has of its penalty two comedies that vi only announced in a book catalogue, and are: The two miners in the cut: comedy in an act. River of January and Romance of an old one: comedy. Rio De Janeiro ' ' (obs.: the ellipses are of the original). Max Fleiuss (P. 446) repeats that ' ' they had been announced: The two miners in the cut comedy in an act and Romance of old comedy in five acts, 49 pags. Coutinho cross, publisher, Rio De Janeiro, s/d' '.

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