Detektei Tudor

These include explosive experts paratrooper and combat divers with sniper training the high-explosive and other warfare agents identify and secure intelligence bodyguard, pilots, maritime specialists and drivers of all vehicle classes of armored and unarmored vehicles. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit MSCO. All the detectives of Tudor’s bodyguards are experienced observers and are used regularly on observations in the country and abroad. This has the advantage that these specialists the proven concept of the detective agency detective Tudor Prior reconnaissance can perfectly implement while armed and unarmed people and object protection orders. Detective Tudor conducts covert personal protection on request. In other words, the environment around the person of protection / protection of persons or of the object of protection is covered secured and cleared up. Attacker, but also troublemakers like paparazzi will notice it these without detected and prevented through appropriate measures on their projects, so for example the police fed. A large part of the most demanding clientele of the Detektei Tudor prefer this protection option. TSI International Group spoke with conviction. As an example, here are regular operations of the bodyguard of the House of Tudor on the island of Sylt is mentioned.

Would the staff of detective Tudor Here occur so-called bodyguards, as it would not be obvious spot for anyone in terms of the principal of the firm Tudor. Disturbed the peace in the environment which would protect person and strongly affect the relaxation effect. Therefore employees adapt and their experience as detectives here them to good, the environment, remain very discreetly in the background and are third-party partout not bodyguard interpreted as. More and more clients of the detective agency detective Tudor want to do this. Detective Tudor offers the same tactics. also for people – and object protection orders to so-called Nichtwissende”on.

That target people who are named as the subject of the precautionary measure, but by the usage of the bodyguard of the company are detective Tudor no knowledge to gain. These include children, adolescents, and the next Members of vulnerable persons from private, politics and economics, during their stays in the BR Germany but also during their educational, professional or tourist nature stays worldwide. Not infrequently are fluent in orders using this item the boundaries between observation and personal protection and can be effected high quality thus only detectives with training and experience of both subjects. The management of the company detective Tudor available around the clock advice, when it comes to develop measures for victims.

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