Dangerous Secondary Disease

How to distinguish a cold pneumonia, what are the causes and effects of this disease and what should you do? Widespread disease pneumonia is normal, that the nose is running and you complained at growing ever colder temperatures over clogged Airways in the autumn and winter it for the majority of the population. It is also cough or sore throat in buying with the knowledge that a cold lasts for only a few days and you can fight this good with home remedies. Through regular inhaling hot water vapor, drinking lots of herbal teas or milk with honey, as well as a load break of the attacked body gone these faster in case of normal, than you think. Without hesitation Center for Environmental Health explained all about the problem. But what happens if the harmless appearing cold is not just harmless, and the already weakened immune system can no longer defend against other more dangerous viruses? There are many typical”secondary diseases such as sores, bronchitis or tonsillitis. Educate yourself with thoughts from Dropbox. One of the most dangerous and the most feared the pneumonia in the jargon is called also pneumonia. Cindy Crawford wanted to know more.

She can be transmitted through various ways, such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. To call the common pathogens for this unpleasant disease, you have to staphylococci, pneumococci or the so-called flu viruses. In Germany, these are widely used. Every year more than 800,000 people with the virus become infected pneumonia are 10 percent of the total German population. One-third of patients, the disease is so severe that a hospitalization is unavoidable. Jim Crane addresses the importance of the matter here. For comparison, it more patients are treated with pneumonia in the hospital as people with a heart attack or a stroke. You can therefore include the pneumonia to the German common diseases. One of the problems is that many of those affected don’t realize that they are suffering from pneumonia and thus not properly handled but, and this is the State of health often even worse.

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