Dale Carnegie

The habit of living one day. Live in the affairs of the day. It's not about that to live without worrying about tomorrow, but how not to perceive the future as a threat and cause for worry. Parable about how to be happy that you have something to do Find Anxiety and fear tend to arise out of nothing and from scratch. In order to get rid of anxiety, you need to find a job. Busy people are too busy to worry about. Can such a simple thing as employment can displace anxiety? – Yes, so made our brains: at some point we can only think about one thing. You can easily see for yourself by doing the following: Close your eyes and try to think together about your plans for the evening and on how arranged car.

You'll find that you can not think of two things simultaneously. With the emotions, the situation is also: one emotion replaces another. We can not simultaneously be engaged in something interesting and feel. In psychology, even There is such a thing as 'occupational therapy', when the work prescribe a medicine. Therefore, instead of despair, what he likes.

Say to yourself: 'Enough is enough! " If you really want overcome anxiety, why do not you simply stop worrying? What will be different from what you are experiencing? Will you be able to help themselves, tormented by fears and doubts? If your experiences are not related to the fact that once feel sorry for yourself again, or cause to pity yourself closely, you may want to get rid of them. Say to yourself: 'Stop, stop'. Enough to think about what is not, begin to rejoice, that is. Dale Carnegie's book 'How to Stop worry 'leads a good example: In the magazine' Time 'was an article about a sergeant who was wounded in the neck by shrapnel. He was made 7 blood transfusions. In a note to the doctor, he said: 'I Will Survive? " Dr. replied: 'Yes'. 'Can I speak? " The doctor again said yes. Then the sergeant wrote: 'So what the hell I'm upset? " Why do not you also stop and ask yourself: 'Why the hell am I upset? " Perhaps You will find that upset you the fact insignificant and unimportant. Decide that from today you will no longer grieve for nothing, wasting time on pointless experience and begin to take their grace, and not Scoring casualties.

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