Cuban Soviet

Talk of international examples, it would put us to delve into a phenomenon that has lasted beyond 80 or 90 years and that with the introduction of digital techniques and computerized effects can last much more for prosperity, and that it would be a little more complex and long to enter into the details, but there are examples which cannot be never forgotten, which have been linked to the development of the industrial world film industry, and through which the film lens, seen by an architect, or a student of this art, can distinguish, both architectural forms, building styles, as well as interior designs. For example, the American film: what the wind, speaks of the war of secession, but a rustic architectural ensemble can be seen to the balloon frame, and its houses on stilts, with the roof at both sides, on both sides of the cover. You can be seen, slavery, and the aftermath of a war by the industrialization of that country, and countryside images, salons and luxuries houses, so it has always been the taste of men for many years. From this example, it is that we want to illustrate as it has behaved know appreciate the architecture by cinematographic images, knowing it appreciate outside argument, the plot, and his performances, and within the development of the Cuban filmography, and of any other, in which the objective of the spectator is appreciate the architecture, both in their interior designs, as in the design of the exterior. Images of Cuban architecture, have been within our filmography, and some foreign filmographies on a smaller scale. The number of co-productions between Cuba and the rest of the world, has been conditioned by the interests of the latter and third countries, and very few times foreign productions have decided to come to film in our country, to even though that the various phenomena, have been developed such as: the Spanish conquest, the outlet of Havana by the English, the American intervention, relationships Cuban Soviet relations with socialist countries and the lives of several foreign personalities who have had large footprints in our country, that would give reason to make films, as well as novels in Cuba, for the rest of the world, and vice versa, which are linked to foreign arts.

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