Cosmetic Surgery

Useful in the injection of many types of wrinkles inadvisable in crow's feet. Used in thickening of the lips, but may leave small "lumps". As a final implant but the effectiveness depends on the effectiveness of the replacement. Although collagen is no allergy test is necessary. Gore-Tex : textile material to remain permanently in the body once implanted. You can not inject that is in the form of wires or tapes. The implementation is done in furrows very pronounced. The use of tapes or wires is always very thick a small incision for placement.

Always performed under local anesthesia. Hyaluronic acid: is also a component of skin, ligaments, etc. No allergy test required. Its duration is usually higher than that of collagen (sometimes up to one year). It has a moisturizing effect on the treated skin. It is used mainly in fine wrinkles. Learn more on the subject from Jim Crane. Metacrill: Synthetic spheres of polymethylmethacrylate in a stable environment of carboxymethylcellulose, has indications similar to Artecoll, with the advantage of not requiring collagen, very safe in use for a period of 18-24 months. Remember that, until proven otherwise, the effects of these treatments are not permanent, do not slow the normal aging and do not provide, permanently, any item that has gaps (collagen, elastin, etc).

The aging process will run its course and wrinkles treated will have the opportunity to re-appear if no remedy. The results in this type of intervention are immediate and only masked initially by the appearance of some swelling. Swelling and redness of the treated areas are temporary and usually disappear within two to four days depending on the area. Fat injections usually cause more swelling. Normally no bandages are applied with a few exceptions and the patient can recover their normal lives the same day or next day (except fat). As explained in the previous section, the duration of effect of these treatments is highly variable and dependent on the material employed, the area / s treated / s from the patient. The advantage of these treatments is that due to the ease of use and the absence of great discomfort, may be repeated once or twice a year, if necessary, to maintain the result of more prolonged. With many of the materials used can be periodic touch ups. Online Medical Aesthetics and Cosmetic Surgery 1252 Laprida Buenos Aires TE: 011 4827-1450

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