Access control is a security measure more among the many with which a large company must have. However, its usefulness and wide variety of potential applications make it copper one importance greater than the rest. One of the facets that more benefit can be seen with the installation of one of these systems is the section on expenditure in maintenance. There is a practical example that highlights the role played by these systems in the economy of any company. Imagine that you are the owner of a company. Now imagine that the inputs and outputs are not directed by a system of access control, but they continue to work with the traditional method, i.e.

with key and lock. The first expense you should face is with the pay to a Watcher, a person who was in charge to record the hours of input and output of each employee, as well as his absences. The second disbursement would come with the loss by an employee of your faucet, of course this can also occur while sustiyamos faucets by card, although Obviously the last price is lower. The third type of spending would come with theft, we suppose that the areas of the enclosure have stolen one of your employees with access to all all your keys. This fact would put him in a little trouble and it is best to change all the locks outside access in order to prevent possible theft. However, if the company had counted with an access control system all costs that we have exposed could have been avoided. It would not have been necessary to have a watchdog on payroll, since system had been responsible for storing the time input and output of each worker. You would not have changed the locks on all inputs, since it would have sufficed to restrict access to the card that had been stolen.

The need for an access control system increases according to the importance of the activities that are carried out in each company. In addition, this fact is that mark the type of applications that should be included in the system, starting with applications more simple and basic, if security requirements are low, up to the most sophisticated, in the case in which the company work with a Government contract or do so by manipulating very hazardous products. On the other hand, whatever the level of enterprise security, the system can adapt to the needs of the building, whatever the distribution of the enclosure, allowing even power integrate multiple buildings on a single access control system. Which allows employees by intrinsic needs of his work enter identifying the same different separate facilities in space from each other.

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