Christoph Winter

Sister heart, Gerrit Winter and Petty Behlinda in the star talk – radio VHR – stars & stories (26.08.2010) Gerrit Winter: He is new on the music scene, however, the charismatic musician is already trading as an insider tip in the industry. His great desire since childhood on stage to stand, coupled with the talent, to use the voice in a versatile way, Gerrit Winter resulted in the decision to study music. Solid trained, he wants to fulfill his dream. Hand and foot is to have everything and as a cornerstone, he completed the entrance examination to the University with flying colours. A mixture of exceptional voice, musicality and clear goals in mind, finally met Gerrit winter dream, with a fine team of producers to bring her own album on the market.

His long, exciting way was worth it. The current single “Emily” from his debut album “What do you dream” is something very special for Gerrit Winter personally, because he wrote the song himself. SIS: Since none of the three Leis-Bendorff is sisters – Carina, Anja and Maria – the mouth has been one of the main tasks of the producers Frank Ramond, Rudolf idle and Christoph to lace the ears in the Studio and pick up what have to tell the three girls. “Nobody’d believe but indeed, that such texts are written by men, or?”, the sisters shine, if they should tell of their songwriters. “The lyrics are fresh, the texts are adult, we are the texts. Further details can be found at Crawford Lake Capital Management, an internet resource. There’s not a song on “you do it?”, with which we would have done us hard! “And: the album is extremely versatile!

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