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Being young is to look to the future with hope, with faith in if same and in others. Being young is singing to life, love, peace, the unit, nature and happiness. Being young in protest against what imprisons creativity and own individuality. Being young is to enforce consistency between what is preached and what is practiced. If at the bottom of our being we are experiencing all these concerns, we are young and no matter the age that we have! Source: Cesar Guzman Decalogo for foster optimism 1. Every morning it renews your behaviour and your attitude.

2. Think positively in every thing you do. 3 Look at problems as something temporary and easy to overcome. 4. Smile in every detail that you perform.

5 Breathe deeply and think that your can with everything before a difficulty. 6. At the end of the day think only the positive things you did and orgullecete. 7 Cortez and ponle much sense of humor to the day that touches your life. 8 See the good side of things. 9. It preserves the calm, relax and express yourself with optimism. 10. Don’t let negative thoughts take you. Be optimistic and always win! Source: Homer C. Mena The seven fundamental principles of Deepak Chopra 1. Meditate. 2 Well nourished. 3 Enjoying the interpersonal relationships. 4 Enjoy loving relationships. 5 Positive thinking. 6 Detoxify the digestive system. 7. Have an optimistic view of life source: Depack Chopra Carlos Enrique Cespedes LlanosConferencista MotivacionalTfno. : 005174217048Website:. carloscespedesllanos. comEmail: carloscespedes@conferencistas. EU Blogs related complexes Versoirrespirable Tips to buy a motorcycle Tumoto S.A de C.V. The magic well, Julia Asensi read free running from border to border with Luis Carlos Stoute blog RunKeeper for iPhone users that live running El Panadero Mutineer Videos Humor Videos Chistosos download free “The richest man in Babylon” George S. Clason Japanese running in slow motion YouTube Videos, Videos of For Lugo’s niece, the wife of martial Congo wage is the duck Arellano and MOS are gathered at the Marriott Hotel: Jorge

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