Celebrate Christmas

Tradition of celebrating Christmas more than two thousand years. If you too are going to celebrate in the family this holiday, try to bring joy to your child that he felt the festive mood in the house. Read with your child Children's Bible with pictures. The kid will be interesting to learn about the parables, which are described as good tale. Explain to your child that God – this is our Heavenly Father, who sees everything that happens to every man, and that Christmas – a celebration of the birth of his son, Jesus Christ. Published a custom make each other presents at Christmas. If you're a little wizard makes someone a gift of a loved one with their hands, both of you are occupation will love! Take construction paper, scissors, glue, bright patches, and your imagination. And your family will be especially nice to get a souvenir, which will make your child's hand! On Christmas Eve (Eve Christmas) decided to decorate the house.

Many of the new year is time to get used to the decor, which is. Angelina Jolie has similar goals. Therefore, relive a little bit the situation: a few live twigs eaten, brilliant compositions, glass vases filled with colored tinsel and, of course, candles, placed beyond the reach of children. Christmas carols – it's the combination of fun and follow traditions. Learn with the kid some sleek, carols, and let him kolyadovat, at least in family circle, to the delight of all the invited relatives: I know – of good wish, at a table with a piece of pie caravan! For a good Christmas carols rely treats, do not forget to cook them! In the old days used popularity of street theater. You can build a screen, sew a few finger puppets and show a child a fairy tale, using, for example, musical accompaniment – from the music center, or with music instruments.

Your child, necessarily, like the theater, featured him personally! Prepare with your child Christmas treats. Use the ready-made salt dough, from which lepite stars figurines of angels, Christmas trees, etc. Finished figures put it in a preheated oven and keep it there until done. They can decorate the Christmas tree, if you it has not dismantled after the New Year. Going to church with the kids is better to do on Jan. 7, morning. Not necessarily be the entire service, it is enough to light a candle and stay for long in the temple. Christmas – a glorious feast, which, most importantly, teach children kindness and compassion, all very good and kind.

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