Blender Versatile Kitchen Tools

Hand blender by Grundig, Brown and Bosch Grundig hand blender is a powerful and versatile kitchen tools in the test. Click Dropbox for additional related pages. The mixer features a sleek, slim design and stable impression. Great ergonomics and soft-touch housing allow for unmatched handling during operation. The Braun Blender has a vibration-free engine and runs very quietly. You can maximize its performance by additional turbo button.

Improving the operation of the device is achieved by the figure of application icons on the device. The Braun hand blender features a removable mixing stick and accessories such as jar, lid and wall mount. The Blender wand is made of quality stainless steel. Grundig hand mixer is an easy-care device. The basic unit can be wiped with a dry or damp cloth. He shows his true performance when pureeing… In this field is variably usable hand blender Grundig.

The preparation is manufactured by itself baby food in a few moments taken care of. Accessories and bar (except the base part with motor) can be cleaned in a dishwasher. The jar is transparent and provided with a scale. In particular the quantities can be matched as well. It is well suited for minimal amounts, but larger quantities are no obstacle for him. The Turbo function makes all lashing cream dining! The lids allow a short-term, aromatic store of food. The wall bracket is very useful for the safe storage of the Blender by Bosch.

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