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Innovative telecommunications via ‘ fibre to the home’ for all building sites in Heidelberg today, Stadtwerke Heidelberg have networks and regional telecommunications providers PFALZKOM MANET signed a contract concerning their cooperation for the development of innovativer telecommunications in Heidelberg: Stadtwerke Heidelberg will in new areas such as currently in Heidelberg Bahnstadt create with modern fiber optic infrastructure for innovative telecommunications and the PFALZKOM MANET will operate the networks, as well as provide access to the various telecommunications services. So far, the telecommunications not only in Heidelberg is based primarily on copper cable. However, these access networks now approaching their performance limits. Because numerous new applications such as high-definition television, video on demand, intelligent counter, E-learning or E-Commerce, as well as a user behavior ensure that already rapidly growing need for bandwidth. In the last ten years alone, he has tenfold. This trend continues.

Fiber optic dagegen allow high speeds in Giga – or even up to terabit range and guarantee a high level of reliability. Model houses in the newly developed Gebieten have the fiber to the home”in the future direct access into the world of data via fibre optic. For the inhabitants of the new territories, the agreement between the two companies has a very konkreten benefits: with the fibre-optic network, you can receive TV signals, download videos from the net and send data around the world in a matter of seconds. The technology enables modern telephony and forms the basis for smooth and clear images in the past video communication. The PFALZKOM MANET will operate the network as open access network: it is all interessierten party on the same terms.

The advantage for the customer: You can use the Super-fast network and at the same time free to choose who provides which service them. With the agreement, the two companies building their Cooperation, which already successfully new Heidelberg-In the Bieth proven has, further out. There the partners with their future-oriented communication solution were stepped in, when the first houses were already under construction, without that a telecommunications network at the disposal. Today the construction of infrastructure and the network operation in the long run to the best nutZen for the citizens, the two companies bundle the skills from their respective core business. The new areas in Heidelberg will benefit from this cooperation very clearly, and the science site Heidelberg WINS on appeal”, Alfred k., Managing Director of Stadtwerke Heidelberg stressed networks. And Norbert Polster, head of Department at the Stadtwerke Heidelberg, adds: next, we start with the construction of the fibre-optic network in Heidelberg railway town. With the connection to the virtual world via high speed network, this district is not only due to its innovative energy concept, but also in “Things telecommunications standards for the future.”

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