Avra Herbal – Forgotten Medicine

On flood plains, swamps on wet, steep river banks in the European part of Russia is growing by one amazing plant. They call it 'Avra drug'. In people it is often called a feverish grass or krovavnikom. This plant is fairly inconspicuous in appearance. To erect stems thick, green leaves are cleverly hidden Abraham in the midst of other herbs. But if you're lucky enough to find it yet, it certainly benefit from your findings will be a lot. In our time of the high cost of drugs, we often recall long-lost folk recipes.

And one of the undeservedly neglected medicinal plants is of course Avra drug. Especially because of its therapeutic use quite widely. Herb Abraham in folk medicine used as a good laxative and a diuretic. Drive the grass of the plant worms, use and menstrual irregularities. If you have a diseased liver or spleen, treatment with rhizomes of this plant will have a positive, healing effect. All hands on deck and used drug for the treatment of external diseases.

Scabies, chronic ulcers, gout, varicose veins, or well amenable if, for treatment of these diseases you ispolzovaali poultices of infusion of this plant. For medicinal purposes collect grass Abraham and June to August, when the plant begins to bloom. In autumn, dig up the rhizomes. Dry and store the prepared raw material is easy. The grass is dried outdoors in the shade or in a well ventilated area. Keep cooked and raw materials can be used for 2 years. However, remember that this plant even though useful but poisonous and should apply it with caution. A single dose of more than 20 grams can cause poisoning. In general, large doses of involving all hands can cause severe diarrhea and cramps. Similarly, to observe a dosage will help to avoid unpleasant consequences. These days, unfortunately all hands on deck almost completely forgotten by the drug. And in the past it was widely used to treat many diseases, it is no wonder he won the title – drug!

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