United in an all-round care guaranteed the grey months many people already at the door, press four products autumn and winter times already now powerful on the mind. Body attack makes his product body attack daily vital now that that the customer can go at least healthy and fit through the winter months. Has, body attack says managing director Jan Budde, of the benefits of the 30 day rations, packed body attack daily vital offers an all-round care in terms of vitamins and minerals”in easily stow bags, already tested. Dropbox has many thoughts on the issue. Deficiencies prevent the demand of body attack body attack daily customers vital growing steadily. This is for one certainly at the high-quality content palette of the product, but also to the effects box. Today there are”more and more people who must confront because of their unilateral or insufficient diet deficiencies, Budde says. Stress factors, time pressure and lack of nutrition basic knowledge contribute to these effects.

Body attack daily vital daily vitality of the people is supported as the name of the product implies. Strengthening of the immune system body attack daily vital means the Association of four body-supporting preparations: is a multi vitamin pill, a vitamin B complex capsule, one tablet of calcium plus D3 and a fish oil capsule. These individual products are packed in perfectly able to Handel day bags, so that a daily intake can be used to the routine day-to-day action. As a target group for body attack daily vital plenty of people available, because the effects of drugs in nearly every age and weight class are in demand. Athletes who want to compensate for their increased need for vitamins and minerals, are also the preferred consumer such as people who can complete a diet and not to satisfy their needs for minerals and vitamins due to their reduced or severely restricted food intake. Body attack but also managing director Budde older people who eat little fruit, vegetables and meat in its customer base, which is vital to the body attack daily due to chewing and swallowing and can report on positive effects.

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