Assisted Reproduction

This new technique also known as artificial insemination, is the technique that is used in the treatment of infertility or sterility where gametes are handling. This process is carried out by two means: artificial insemination and fertilization in vitro. Artificial insemination is the medical introduction of semen or semen in the woman’s vagina, with the aim of getting pregnant. This procedure can be performed with the semen coming from the couple, or with semen from a donor and basically consists of three phases. The first is where hormonal stimulates the ovary to increase the number of mature oocytes. The second where is prepared semen concentrating only those motile sperm. And the third, where insemination occurs at the woman.

Fertilization in vitro on the other hand, is defined as the extraction of the oocyte for women, to fertilize it outside your body with previously obtained a man’s sperm. This procedure consists of six phases. In the first phase the ovary is stimulated female hormone. The second, extracts the oocytes, while the third, the same inseminan. In the fourth phase is performed in vitro embryo culture. In the fifth phase is performed in the last phase and embryo transfer, they freeze or thawed embryos as the case. A. Verastegui hold.

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