Architectural Lighting

Aesthetic perception of the city’s buildings and structures is largely dependent on architectural lighting. Today, decorative lighting of monuments of architecture, office buildings, banks, restaurants and other facilities close to the best examples of Western cities. Tourists and visitors enjoy celebrating improvements evening decorating our capital. A variety of garlands, light banners, architectural illumination of buildings and structures – all a night person town. Competently designed lighting system allows you to identify the most important elements of construction for the deployment of regular light accents. However, the lighting of architectural objects in night-time increases the duration of their exposure, allowing even in low visibility conditions to perceive the architectural fabric of the city.

Coverage of its ‘real estate’ is gradually becoming a prestigious. C Every year the outdoor architectural lighting of buildings will be given more attention. Specialists firms implementing outdoor lighting, active use of techniques adopted in the West. Contemporary culture of lighting and technical resources now make it possible to use light as an instrument of art. Modern urban lighting – one of the main tools for creating your own image and attract customers.

Street Lighting can be divided into three categories: General lighting street lighting Architectural lighting Air defense searchlight Today facade of buildings – not a fad, but necessity. Facade – the person at home. Its design emphasizes the individuality of the building, creates not only aesthetic perception, but also carries information load. The desire to decorate the facades of the building allows light implement a number of needs: Attracting the attention of potential customers; Underline the status and respectability of the company; Create svetotsvetovogo appearance of the building. Speaking of the facade lighting, we can note that it can not only emphasize the artistic, functional and stylistic features of buildings, but also to provide the expressiveness of three-dimensional and color composition of individual objects. Ideally – architectural illumination of buildings or structures must be designed at the design stage of the object, since you can just “lay” elements for the installation of architectural lighting. This method reduces the cost of installation of fastening elements for architectural lighting of the construction of buildings or structures. To install lighting in remote places of the facade and high-rise buildings usually have recourse to industrial climbers. We offer our services in the installation of lights and lighting building facades. Our industrial climbers will make the installation of equipment for lighting in hard to reach any point of the facade, will perform number of mounting lights on high, using only ropes, insurance, tools, and, of course, a great experience.

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