Not even encounter reasons sufficient to reproach the allowed salary to me that our friendship finished. That yes, I have boldness to dream a present encounter about her. That dream seemed to me so real that I felt immensely happy, although when waking up I understood that everything was a dream, that happiness, nobody, nor my strange bitterness is going it to me to clear. The result of it is that finally I have closed a cycle. Not if I return to fall in a deceit, unique that is that I have decided therefore it. It is a noble desire that will allow to find La Paz me with respect to the transcendental love. I will live in archaeology on the love. My fantasy, of course, will not cause that it exceeds my reality.

It will be a new attitude before the life. As of this one moment, it will be seen with the eyes of that one surroundings of exaltante emotion that lived. To live in that magical S-state, although clearly threw, it to lose with that rare tendency that it had to spoil the beautiful moments with my absurd and sinsentido pesimism. I do not regret everything what I have lived. But simply it was not writing these words far from it, had the possibility of realising my love archaeology. I cannot deny that sometimes the sensation enters to me of which if it had had in that then total one brings back to consciousness than it was going to happen, I only talk about our friendship, another outside my form to act. Only I have left from time to time, to close the eyes and to try to visualize it in my time-space to revivir and, Why no? , to improve my quality of life with wise advice, to novelizar that imaginative activity.

To look for it? Simple and level no. There is shame, resentment, no prudence is only that I must accept that the things will not be like before. Only I have left to give thanks to the life and to her by everything what she has happened to me. Finally I will surprise no longer it, live with passion and enthusiasm knowing that I will be surrounded by a tender and beautiful friendship that will accompany not only in this one to me year by the fullness but until the last breath by my already, beautiful life.

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