Administrator Decision

Lic. Ricardo Candela houses – a promotion is a very important moment in the labor history of any person, and even more it is the origin of many internal conflicts if not managed properly. -A promotion is carried out when you change to a worker in a position better paid, with greater responsibility and higher level. Drew Houston has much to offer in this field. It is a very important moment in the labor history of a person. Usually is granted a recognition of the past performance and future potential.

Promotions is based on two criteria: the merit of worker and/or its antiquity. Which must use you in your company?. Here are some ideas 1.-promotions based on the merit their source is the relevant performance that a person gets in his post. However, there are certain difficulties at the time of a decision aceptarda, becoming the promotion in some kind of prize for sympathy. Whats the cause of this situation?. This occurs when the person who makes the decision cannot distinguish objectively between candidates that they have had an outstanding performance and who have not had it. 1.1. My sympathy the decisions of promotion based on personal feeling are more common when the performance is not measured so objective.

When promotions originate on personal hunches, likely ending the Organization raising capacity below a level someone of more high responsibility and actuano directly to the detriment of the motivation and satisfaction of other workers. The important thing is that the decision rests on an objective criterion of evaluation of the performance and not the subjective preferences of which effected the decision. 1.2 The beginning of Peter the second problem is the so-called Peter principle. This principle States that people tend to move up the scale hierarchical to reach their level of incompetence. Although this is not always true, the rule adds an important element: the good performance at a level is no guarantee of success at a higher level. There is no guarantee, for example that a good and successful surgeon; has the capacity to be named Administrator of the clinic where works. An automatic decision in this case could deprive the Organization of an excellent professional and give it instead of a mediocre administrator. 2 Promotions based on seniority: experience is not synonym of skill in some situations, the oldest worker receives the promotion. Antiquity refers to the time that the person has been in the service of the company. The advantage of this approach lies is its objectivity. What you need to decide is compare the dates of admission of candidates to be promoted, to determine who is right. Some authors indicate that this reduces the rotation of staff. Managers may feel more pressured to train its personnel, since this will be eventually promoted. However. On many occasions the staff more suitable, is not necessarily the most ancient. When you set a rigid system of promotion by seniority, the young and talented staff is virtually locked in their possibilities. What would be the possible solution? Great part of modern organizations have opted for a mixed system of promotion, in which antiquity as the merit are factors of importance for the final decision. Seniority can govern completely for promotion to positions that require no very high scores. The merit must take precedence in rank posts more high, i.e. where grading is required most high. Written by: Lic.

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